10 April 2018

We went to Apedale in the afternoon today. It was quite drizzly, cloudy, misty, and a bit cold, but not the worst the weather has to offer.

dreary day

dreary day 2

The monument on the top of the hill looks a bit ghostly in the mist today!

The first thing spotted today were these little mushrooms:

Scurfy twiglet mushroom

Its common name is Scurfy Twiglet, and its scientific name is Tubaria furfuracea. It’s a very common mushroom and it grows on woody debris, twigs etc.

A few steps after an amusing moment with Mum stuck in the mud, we heard a song which attracted our attention high up in a tree:

Thrush signing

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it is a song thrush.

We spotted our very first cowslip of 2018 today:

First cowslips spotted The Woodland Trust website tells us that:

Folklore: cowslips were traditionally picked on May Day to adorn garlands but also other celebrations, such as weddings, as they are pretty flowers. Cowslips have also been called ‘St. Peter’s keys’ or ‘keys of heaven’ because the one-sided flower heads looked like a set of keys, and it has been said that cowslips grew where Peter dropped the key of Earth.

As Danny expected, we saw a few small L’escargots (which is French for snails).

brown or white lipped snail

It is very hard for beginners to identify snails, but this is very likely a young brown or white-lipped snail. We have no idea what this one is though:

small snail

This is one adventurous little snail!


Mum spotted this Turkeytail fungus (Trametes versicolor). It comes in lots of different colours, and obviously got its name because it looks like a turkey tail!

wet goat willow catkins

Last one! This is some goat willow catkins soaked by the rain.

Dogs-wise, we saw Camilo and his friend the sausage-dog in the distance, but we also met a new dog, an Italian greyhound called Pixie, and she was one year old. She was totally adorable and jumped up against Danny and Tommy’s legs!


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